The Costa Rica Fruit Festival is a transformative event designed to inspire and empower participants with knowledge and experience relating to fruit-based nutrition, holistic health, permaculture, and community.

At the 2018 Costa Rica Fruit Fest
you will experience:
  • 100% Local, Organic, Seasonal Fruits and Raw Vegan Cuisine
  • Unlimited Buffet-Style Meals
  • Unlimited Coconuts and Sugarcane Juice
  • Workshops on Permaculture, Holistic Health, Regenerative Detoxification, Community Building, Plant-Based Nutrition, Urban Gardening, Herbal Medicine Crafting, and Much More
  • Daily Movement Classes Including Yoga, Qigong, HIIT, and Ecstatic Dance
  • Healing Sanctuary with Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Chiropractic Adjustments, Craniosacral Therapy, Sound Healing, Breathwork, and Reiki
  • Nightly Live Music and Campfire Jam Sessions
  • Direct Access to Baru Falls — just a 5 min walk from the yoga deck
  • Live Art and Gallery
  • Sweat Lodges
  • Tea Lounge
  • Sacred Fire Ceremonies
  • Detoxifying Blue Clay Regeneration Temple
  • Children’s Zone and Fun for the Whole Family!

Cultivate and Celebrate Natural Health with Fruit!

Read what others are saying…

“An experience, a journey, a divine realization, of the self, cannot be superseded by the physical. With an experience at the Costa Rica fruit festival, highlighting the true potential of permaculture, community and world harmony, I was in awe of the passion and care the promoters of the festival, as well as the lengths they went to in putting together an event in itself that broadened my innerstanding, my drive, my goals, and aspirations in moving forward with this lifestyle and the knowledge and growth that comes with it. To me, that is priceless…

I give kudos and tip my hat off to anyone out there who has put forth the effort, finances, man power, improvements, dedication and time to promote and spread the message of wellness and a plant based lifestyle in adjunction to permaculture, as a platform for world change and world peace.

It takes many true spirits to tackle all of these and showcase that in a week, what many may learn in a lifetime and I commend the folks at CRFF for doing just that…
Thank you!

I learned more about myself in the week at the festival than I have in recent years and I believe the mission that you and there are striving for can and will be achieved through the application of these festivals to bring forth to people, like myself, that it is possible, it is real, and it’s achievable to live in harmony with the land. Just have to work for it! And Save your seeds!

I fell in love with Costa Rica from this festival, made some awesome friends, shared many stories and I sure plan on returning to another festival with an even bigger perspective, ready to learn more…

If a transformation of yourself is what you seek, you are sure to find it at the Costa Rica Fruit Festival! Pura Vida!” -Anthony Paiz

Cultivate and Celebrate Natural Health with Fruit!