Free Attendance and Cooperative Childcare for the Little Ones

Considering that young children need attention, love, respect, and active engagement, we have a childcare cooperative to facilitate a safe and fun place for kids to learn and play while the majority of their parents enjoy the rest of the festival.

Nature-based sensory experience will be the basis of our childcare program. We will bring the kids on walks through the community gathering area to support connection with the entire community. We are an inclusive program and welcome all children. If your child has special needs, please contact, so we can work with you to insure that appropriate support is available.

The cooperative is managed by staff who are experienced with young children, with additional support from volunteers and family members. We ask that families who utilize this service contribute at least one shift during the festival. Please sign up for a shift when you first bring your child to the childcare area.

Activities include:

  • Adventure walks and river playtime
  • Bamboo playground
  • Different types of Yoga
  • Foraging & recognizing wild edible herbs, fruits & berries
  • Natural building classes using bamboo, wood, ropes and rocks
  • Ninjitsu/staff movement classes
  • Leaf printing
  • Painting
  • Energy/metaphysical experiments like the rice experiment
  • Conscious cooking games
  • Rediscovering & reconnecting with our senses and energy
  • Mud baths and clay art classes
  • Fruit mandalas
  • Eye contact exercises


Run, skip , jump, hop and stretch!!! All movements kids LOVE to do. Explore these actions with intention as children move through the space utilizing music, silence , group and individual actions. Focusing on expressing joy with focused energy and guided direction.

Every story has a beginning a middle and an end. Within these confines children will create their own stories. Using props, words and personal experiences children will be able to express themselves uniquely in a safe environment.
Games can be stressful for children as generally there is a winner and a loser. This workshop offers games that are fun, stress free and require team effort.
Hip hop , break dance , jazz and ballet are all commonly known dance forms. Come and discover the joy of FOLK DANCING, a super fun way to connect movement and generations to an unknown art form! Appropriate for all ages!
Introduce your children to YOGA! Fun and engaging exercises to calm their minds and strengthen their bodies. Focusing on traditional yoga postures as well as having an opportunity to invent their own.