How can I get more information?

After reviewing these Frequently Asked Questions, feel free to contact us via email: [email protected]

When should I arrive in Costa Rica?

We recommend flying into SJO no later than Thursday, July 26th, as our shuttles to Diamante Center leave Alajuela from a hotel near the airport on Friday at 9 a.m. Upon registration, you will receive an email with all the travel details.

What are the policies for payments, transfers, and refunds?

Payments are generally made via credit or debit card. Payment plans are available with a minimum deposit of $300 plus a $25 non-refundable processing fee. All plans must be paid in full by July 1st, 2018. All tickets, payments, and camping gear are transferable and refundable (minus the $25 processing fee) until July 1st, 2018. After July 1st, they may still be transferred to another person or converted into credit for a future event. There are a total of 111 tickets for sale. Visit the registration page to reserve yours today.

Where is the festival located?

The festival is located at Diamante Center in the Diamante Valley of Southern Pacific Costa Rica. The venue is in San Salvador de Baru, a 25 minute drive from Tinamaste, which is between Dominical and San Isidro de El General. Tickets include shuttle services to and from Diamante Center from a hotel near the San Jose airport in Alajuela. Upon registration, you will receive an email with all the travel details with directions to the venue.

When and where should I fly into and out of Costa Rica?

To utilize our complimentary shuttle service, arrive in San Jose (SJO) no later than Thursday evening July 26th, 2018. You are responsible for securing your own hotel and transportation to arrive at the shuttle pick-up location in Alajuela. Shuttles will depart for Diamante Center at 9 a.m. sharp Friday morning, from the location specified in the post-registration email.

Is there WiFi or cell phone service?  

There is cell service (for certain carriers) but not wifi in our patch of the jungle. The connection to the Web of Life, however, is at full bars. Check with your phone provider to set up an international plan to avoid roaming fees. Local carriers Kolbi and Movistar have good coverage at the Center. Please give your family and friends this email address in case they need to reach you in an emergency: [email protected] We invite you to consider this event as an opportunity to unplug from technology and connect more deeply with nature.

What will the weather be like during the festival?

July and August are in the middle of rainy season, however these two months are known as the mini-summer, during which it is less rainy than the beginning and end of the season. There will definitely be some rain during the festival. It is generally clear during morning and mid-day with rains beginning around early afternoon and clearing up again late in the evening. There will be covered campsites with large bamboo tents for people to set up their tents under. We recommend to bringing an umbrella and/or a rain jacket. For more tips, visit the What to Bring page.

How are the bugs there?

This really depends on the time of year, but in general, Diamante Center has relatively few mosquitoes, flies, and other biting insects. There are plenty of ants, however their bites only itch for about 5 minutes, and you can avoid them by simply looking out for trails and nests where you walk and stand.

If you are concerned about bugs, we recommend bringing a natural bug repellents/treatments such as essential oils of peppermint, lavender, tea tree, neem, citronella, and lemongrass. Please do not bring any personal care or other products (such as Deet) containing synthetic chemicals. Thanks for helping us maintain clean and healthy ecosystems at Diamante Center.

What about drinking water?

The water at the farm originates from nearby springs in the pueblo of San Salvador. The tanks are occasionally cleaned with chlorine, but no fluoride or other chemicals are added, thus it is considered safe and potable. In addition to pure spring water, you will have access to unlimited coconuts and sugarcane juice, as well as green/raw coffee and herbal teas.

What about the food?

There will be an unlimited fruit buffet from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. with fresh juices and coconut water. At 12 p.m. daily, we will open the unlimited salad bar with various greens, veggie-fruits (zucchini, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, etc), real veggies, and a variety of prepared gourmet, low-fat, raw, vegan dishes. Again at 6 p.m., more prepared dishes will be added, and at 7 p.m., desserts and durian (as available) will be served.

What about waste?

Yes! There are only two flush toilets on site; the rest are composting toilets where trees will be planted in the future. All food scraps will be composted on site, transformed into soil and then back into new fruit and veggies. We will save the majority of the seeds from the fruits consumed throughout the week to plant and distribute to local farms and reforestation projects.

What about showers?

There are several showers on the farm and everyone is asked to please shower no more than once per day. Please do not bring any personal care or other products containing synthetic chemicals.Thanks for helping us maintain clean and healthy ecosystems at Diamante Center.

What should I bring?

Please visit the What to Bring page.